Access control systems serve a critical role in any sensitive area, allowing only the right persons to enter at a given time. Multiple configurations cater to various budgets and needs, ranging from the simplest card reader to the now commonly used fingerprint terminals, to the algorithm-enabled facial recognition terminal. Hikvision’s many devices – such as controllers, card readers, turnstiles, and door locks – offer you a complete and secure access control system.

As customer requirements grow more complex, a single solution can no longer fulfill every need. That’s why you can combine our access control systems’ various authentication methods, such as ID cards, fingerprints, passwords, facial images, and QR codes, just to name a few.

On top of basic functions, Hikvision hardware extends to advanced access management through anti-passback, combined authentications, interlocking, and more. And the professional management software makes device registration, management, and personnel registration much easier.


IP Video Door Entry

The IP-Series Video Intercom products can serve a wide rage of scenarios including apartments and suburban homes. Since the IP networks transmit a larger amount of data, a higher video quality can be achieved. The IP-Series products boast the CCTV system integration capabilities, along with additional functionalities such as mobile app management.


Security and convenience truly come together in this IP video intercom solution.

Fire Safety Systems

Any business with more than 5 employees is legally obligated to carry out a Formalised Risk Assessment and have an emergency plan in place. Smoke and Fire detection is essential in protecting your building and occupants from the devastation of fire. Whilst offices may appear to be some of the safest places to work, it’s important to remember that with so many people working in one building, surrounded by wiring, electrical equipment, wooden desks and paper, it could prove all too easy for a fire to break out and spread quickly. Well planned, installed and maintained fire alarm systems enable the safe and swift evacuation of people. Fire detection is also vital in locating, containing and extinguishing a fire.

Fire Safety Team

Town & Country Security Systems can supply, install and maintain Fire Alarm Systems for Residential and Commercial property.


Please call our Fire Safety Team on 0800 160 1125

Fire Extinguishers

Town & Country Security Systems have a dedicated Fire Extinguiser Specialist available to supply and maintain your chosen solution. Please call 0800 160 1125 for specialist advice.
Fire Alarm Installation
We can design, supply and install a system whatever the building & environment requiring protection. Our engineers have the necessary skills & knowledge to ensure all work is carried out in a neat and timely manner.
Fire Alarm Maintenance
The importance of fire alarm testing cannot be under-estimated, fire is a potential danger in any home or place of work. Town & Country Security can provide regular maintenance inspections for your property to ensure your alarm is working to protect you and your assets, giving you complete peace of mind.

Nurse Call Systems

Safety and security are the most important requirements of every modern nursing home or hospital. Patients and residents need as much freedom and independence as possible; and care managers need the reassurance that they can respond to any event quickly and efficiently.

The most advanced system on the market!

Town & Country Security Systems choose to install the Intercall system above all other products in this field, as put quite simply – it is the best!

Building on 20 years of specialisation in nursecall systems, Intercall provide one of the most flexible and comprehensive care management systems in the world.


The Intercall system offers a wide range of easy-to-use triggering devices for the patient or resident. In addition, the System can normally be installed directly into an existing wiring system, keeping disruptions to a minimum.

Intercall Benefits
Hands-free two way intercom • Integral infra red receiver • Audio page facility • Re-assurance LED & ‘call waiting’ sounder • Industry standard jack socket accepts a host of triggering devices. • All room call points have an integral infra red receiver, which allows a call to be generated away from the call point without the need for trailing wires.