Control your business from the palm of your hand

EURO 46 V10

Integrated security with ProControl+ App and camera compatibility as standard

Your livelihood

Keeping your business safe and secure is as important to us as it is to you. The EURO 46 V10 was developed with this in mind – a highly secure commercial system, with the usability and peace of mind that comes from controlling your system from anywhere in the world via your smartphone.

A wide range of peripherals

The extensive range of wired and wireless peripherals compatible with the EURO 46 V10 offer a solution for any application.


The EURO 46 V10 system allows you to receive push notifications that are fully customisable. This means you can tailor your system to suit you and be alerted, for example, when it has been set, unset or in alarm. You are also able to determine which users receive specific notifications.

 Up to 75 user codes

Each EURO 46 V10 panel can have up to 75 unique user codes to arm and disarm the system via their phone, tag or fob. You can even monitor and identify which user has taken which action, in case of theft or unauthorised entry, by checking the history of each. The user codes can also be used for access control.

Independent areas

These provide easier control of your business, with the ability to set and unset specific areas. Working early or late? Simply set the empty areas while leaving or un-setting your specific work area. This gives you the peace of mind that your business is protected as required.

Quick & easy expansion

As the EURO 46 V10 is a hybrid panel, you can add both wired and wireless peripherals to your system easily and efficiently. This means you have the flexibility you need for your business.

Video integration

The ProControl+ app gives you enhanced video integration
to your intruder security solution, with camera capability as

EURO 46 V10 Hybrid Control Panel

The Euro 46 V10, controlled through ProControl+ gives ultimate usability from anywhere. Furthermore, by adding a wireless expander to the control panel, you can add any of the two-way wireless peripherals to your system. This is ideal for replacing an existing control panel, or if you are wanting a more traditional wired
security system.

• Grade 2/3 security system
• Up to 64 wireless peripherals
• Up to 76 total peripherals
• Up to 2 wireless bells
• Wireless safety sensors
• ProControl+ App on iOS and Android

Security you can rely on.

Selecting the right security company for your business is essential and can help to reduce the risks of a break-in and provide a safe environment for your employees and customers.

at Town & Country Security we work with all types of businesses to create high quality, bespoke security solutions. As your business grows we will guide and support you with our considerable knowledge and offer you only the best tailored solutions for your security requirements.

Theft, Vandalism, Fire and Flood are not only very distressing and a major concern for businesses & retailers, but can impact on your profitability and ability to operate. Installing a state of the art 24/7 Monitored Intruder Alarm, Fire Alarm System and CCTV Smart Video Surveillance is not only crucial to deterring burglary and risk of damage  and disruption, but will also give you peace of mind knowing you have done all you can to make your business premises and employees safe and secure.