Meet the office dogs

Valued members of the Town & Country Security Systems Team 


Company doorbell

Although small, Otto the Jack Russell Terrier acts as our highly effective doorbell alerting us to any visitors to the office.

Unfortunately we do not supply and fit one-of-a-kind doorbells like him (but we can help if you are looking for a Wi-Fi Video Doorbell!).

Otto likes to spend his shifts in the office barking at delivery drivers, terrorising the postman, eating treats, running laps of the office with his tennis ball, being cuddled and taking afternoon naps.


Dog treat Quality Controller

Miley the Labdradoodle works as a dog treat quality controller, she samples all new dog treats brought into the office and generally gives every treat a paws up.

Miley is a soft and gentle giant who loves nothing more than a nice tickle on her tummy.

Miley spends her shifts in the office taking naps, quality testing treats, and playing with her best friend Otto.